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3625 W MacArthur Blvd #306 Santa Ana, CA 92704

Smith Welding & Fabrication

Since the beginning, Smith Welding and Fabrication has continued to be built as a very reputable multi-purpose mobile welding and fabrication company based in Orange County, CA.


License #1058566
Taylor Smith | Founder & CEO

No one should settle for a small machine shop that offers limited services and unpredictable results. Welding is genuinely an art, and with the amount of passion and consistency, while performing with the highest quality workmanship, our CEO Taylor Smith, has been providing customers with exceptional service experiences for 10+ years. This passion and love for the work are how he has established himself as the gold standard in the highly competitive welding and fabrication industry. Upholding the long and proud tradition of proven excellence that we have set is of utmost importance to us and will do whatever it takes to make sure these traditions are sustained

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What We Do

It is tough to narrow it down to certain specialties with the amount of experience, talent, and skill that our technicians exhibit that range all across the board. Fencing and gates are the most common job opportunities that we receive, but our niche is metalwork! No job is too big or too small because WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

We deliver the best in quality, along with a tremendous personable experience for our customers when it comes to the wide range of work we can confidently provide.

Our Services


  • Stainless Steel (All Kinds)
  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron

Welding Processes

  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Stick
  • Repair Fabrication

We Are Mobile

Overpriced towing fees and having to work out the logistics of transporting whatever needs to be repaired to a weld and fabrication shop can all cause complications and severe frustration. Fortunately, with Smith Welding & Fabrication, these are all things of the past! The professional services that we offer are just a call away from providing the welding services that you need right on-site at your location. By continually striving to ensure the best welding and repair services in Orange County, our mobile welding team is ready and waiting, so the absolute shortest turnaround times can be accomplished. Scheduling our mobile welding service for a project is very quick and easy.


The years of experience and love for the work has enabled our company to have a broad range of capabilities. Metal fabrication projects of all shapes and sizes are done with expert precision and confidence. Our abilities to provide the comprehensive, high-quality fabrication services required to suit the needs of our customers with speed and efficiency is virtually unmatched by the competition. It is also vital for our technicians to understand the importance of working closely with each customer on their project. Paying attention to detail like this has been proven to ensure that the best possible ideas for each component are discussed and applied correctly.

Restoration & Repair

We are known for being able to repair, restore, rebuild, modify, and fabricate almost anything you can visualize while working with all the major metals used in the welding industry. Our quality workmanship, coupled together with precision welding techniques. We use only the finest welding accessories and equipment to ensure maximum performance. Broadening our knowledge base specifically for the hesitant customers who may think the job they have is too unique or too odd to trust an outside company to tackle. These are the jobs that show our true colors and love for the work, which causes us at Smith Welding & Fabrication to thrive in those tough “one-off” situations.

What We Do

We deliver the best in quality along with a personable experience when it comes to the range of work we provide for. 

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