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Gate Fabrication

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Gates are all about security as they protect your property and yourself from unpermitted access and harm. This level of purpose and importance means you should only opt for the most reliable materials and services when you decide to get one for your home or commercial building. Learn more about the different types of metal gates available.

Smith Welding and Fabrication has over a decade of experience manufacturing perimeter security solutions around Orange County, California, and is the reliable service you need.

Why You Should Have a Gate

Gates come with a barrage of benefits to your home, garden, or office. For one, you have more control over who has access to your property, which then introduces some other crucial benefits, some of which include:


Whether you opt for Victorian-style gates to give off a classic look or simple square sliding gates for a more modern minimalist look, these perimeter security features add to your curb appeal. Through design, we improve the appearance of your property from both the inside and outside. 

Increased Property Value

Gates have been seen to increase the value of residential and commercial properties substantially. ResearchGate says this increase goes up to between 2% and 24%, and, yes, this is owed to the additional appeal of security, privacy, and aesthetics accompanying gated properties. 

However, the catch to all these is that you only reap the true value of gating when you work with a perimeter security service like Smith Welding and Fabrication. Installing high-quality gates in communities allows you to secure up to a 20% discount or reduction on property insurance premiums.


This is the main benefit of having a gate as. Any security system installed in your home deters about 60% of burglars from even thinking of going for your property. Thieves simply would want to avoid exposing themselves to the daunting task of scaling high obstacles, especially when other properties around don’t have them. 

No matter the type of perimeter gate you install, we always make your home more secure than it was before.


If you would love to be free to do anything in your home or commercial building, gates offer you the privacy to achieve this. With a driveway gate, for example, you keep the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby away from you, your children, and your home. With us, this form of privacy even adds to your security, as no one knows whether you are in or out, the exact structure of your home, or the types of advanced security measures you have in place.

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Metal Materials You Can Choose From

Our gates can be made from steel, aluminum, or wrought iron. The material you choose to use determines the strength and durability of your gate, the amount of maintenance required to keep it in good shape, the type of support needed to hold the weight, and how intricate the design of your metal gate can get.

Stainless Steel

When it comes to stainless steel, your significant benefits lie in the ease of maintenance. Stainless steel gates are highly resistant to corrosion, rust, stain, germs, and extreme or changing weather conditions. This level of maintenance means you can expect them to have a long service life. 

Moreover, steel gates are easier to clean and comparatively cheaper than other options.

Mild Steel

Mild steel is also known as low-carbon steel and is the most common option used in residential and commercial buildings due to its immense strength. Unlike stainless steel, however, they contain low amounts of chromium, which is the element that makes steel “stainless.” This means your gates fabricated from mild steel need paints or coating fluids to have a level of resistance against corrosion.


Aluminum is the strong and lightweight option most preferably used within automated gating systems. It also retains the rust-resistant qualities of stainless steel but needs an additional tough coating for protection against corrosion.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates possess the qualities of strength and durability found in other types of metal gating materials. However, when it comes to design, they go one step further. The high malleability of wrought iron gives you the most flexibility in design, making it the right pick if you are looking for aesthetically pleasing gates.

Your Gate Design Options

With us, you can choose two general design categories: Flat Top and Arched Top.

Flat-Top Gates

Flat-top gates have the most basic design style, which features flat designs at the top and sides. This design gives you a perfectly rectangular frame.

Arched Top Gates

Taking design one notch up, arched-top options feature simple curved tops that give them a more classic or traditional look.

These arched tops are ornamented with balls and pikes that extend above the curved frame for the most splendid designs. In addition to improved aesthetics, these pikes make the gates even more difficult for unauthorized individuals to scale past. 

Of course, Smith Welding and Fabrication has the required high-level skills and experience to achieve any design of your choice while maintaining strength and durability.  How you design your gate depends on what you want to use it for within either residential or commercial settings. 

Commercial vs. Residential Use: Gate Styles for You

Commercial Use

The sliding styles are the more common styling options for commercial properties like business offices, manufacturing buildings, and public spaces.

Sliding Gates: Our sliding gates provide heavy-duty protection and are great options for controlling frequent or large-vehicle traffic at major entrances. 

These gates utilize cantilevers or rollers and, based on your preferred operating styles, can be controlled either manually or electronically for convenience. Sliding gates are the most secure option as they are hard to force open. 

Residential Use

For residential properties, the aesthetic appeal of gates typically holds a lot of value, which is why arched-top designs are our customers’ favorite.

Swing Gates: Swing gates serve as the perfect options for properties that see limited mobility. They give you the freedom to achieve visually appealing designs, are great for areas with limited space, and also come with wickets for pedestrian passage. 

Moreover, swing gates are easier and cheaper than sliding types in installation and maintenance, making them excellent choices for convenient daily usage. 

Regardless of the differences, swing and sliding gates can be used in any commercial or residential building.  It depends on the aesthetic appeal you want and the level of security you need.

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Smith Welding and Fabrication offers perimeter protection services that don’t just allow you to prevent unauthorized access. We use our experience and design skills to ensure your secure entryway remains strong against external force, durable to withstand daily usage, and as aesthetically pleasing as you want them to be. 

Contact us today to get your manually or remotely-controlled driveway, sidewalk, or even garbage container gates in Orange County.