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Gate & Fence Fabrication/Repair
We can come to you and take on any metal work needed.

Residential Gate & Fence Fabrication

We are on a mission to offer a superior level of welding and metal design and fabrication services. We are very proud of our portfolio of work that combines classic professional craftsmanship coupled with contemporary artistry. The constant customer satisfaction and many, many years of experience are two of the many factors that have resulted in Smith & Welding being among the most sought-after welding and fabrication companies in Southern California.

Our professionally fabricated fences and gates are guaranteed to enhance your property’s security, as well as provide a charming accent to any home’s landscape. We can complete work at both homes and businesses in and around the Orange County, California area.

Gate & Fence Work

Our technicians at Smith Welding and Fabrication have the experience of designing and building every type of gate there is. We specialize in fabricating and professionally installing fences, walk gates, and driveway gates of all sizes using a variety of materials, including iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and many more.

By highly appreciating the appearance of precision and quality artistry ourselves, we understand the feelings of wanting to provide others with a memorable first impression when visiting your home. Properly functioning gates will always be flush and snug when the gate is shut, as well as swing open or closed with little effort and without noise. A properly fabricated and reliable gate should also be able to withstand basic uses and remain durable for years without breaking the bank. Security locking gates, garbage container gates, remote opening gates, sidewalk entrance gates, and driveway gates are all among our expertise.

Fabricating the dream gate for your home can become a reality by merely sharing your ideas with our qualified team. Together we can create the masterpiece you may have envisioned. No gate project is too large or small because we all take pride in and absolutely love what we do.

Don't Settle For Less

Get the best in the business to take on the job you need done. 

Remote Gates & Gate Operators

Enjoy the prestigious looks of a beautiful remote-controlled gate at your home or business. A state of comfort and confidence in how our customers can expect to feel when trusting Smith Welding & Fabrication to bring your project to life. A one-stop shop is what we offer when customers are seeking power gate creation or repair. Our technicians are specially trained and have proven customer satisfaction of building gates and their accompanying gate operators of all sizes. Our experience spans across all types of creation, the more common projects we see include:

  1. Gate operators
  2. Intercoms
  3. Keypads
  4. Call boxes
  5. Timers

Custom Fencing

Since the beginning, Smith Welding & Fabrication have crafted beautiful, secure, and durable custom fencing for both residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California. Our company is committed to building top-quality fences, as well as completing current fencing projects at affordable prices.

It is unlikely to find two properties that are exactly alike, but a good number of premade fences are identical. Finding that sections do not fit the topography of your land is one of the most common issues that happen when trying to install a standard premade fence yourself. Designing a custom fence to be fabricated precisely for your property with our team will highlight the architectural elements and improve the curb appeal of your home.

In addition to general design, the ability to include unique or decorative elements will ensure the project is one of a kind. Having to settle for pre-existing generic fencing that has little appeal is unacceptable to us. The levels of custom fencing fabrication that we offer allow each of our customers to create the exact result that they have envisioned. Having this control of the design process is one of the more apparent benefits that come from the decision to install custom fencing.

We'll Come To You

The professional services that we offer are just a call away from providing the welding services that you need right on-site at your location. We continually strive to ensure that our customers receive the best welding and repair services that are available in Orange County. The expert mobile welding team that we have established is ready and waiting, making sure that we achieve the absolute shortest turnaround times. Scheduling our mobile welding service for a project is very quick and easy.