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Gate Repair

We can come to you and take on any metal work needed.

A gate is designed to protect your property. But when that gate begins to break down, you might start to worry about how safe and secure your property truly is. Especially for locked and driveway gates, a broken feature may open your property to uninvited guests.

Broken gates also reduce your home or business curb appeal as you look to make your property as attractive as possible. No one wants to invite essential guests or welcome customers only for the front gate to be stuck or for a shrill shriek announcing its opening. 

To take care of the gate repair, you need reliable and trustworthy welding experts by your side. Smith Welding and Fabrication offers gate repair services near you in Orange County, with years of experience leading to expert craftsmanship and a fast response time to get your property looking great and being protected once again.

The Nuances of Gate Repair

Repairing your gate is no simple process. Different materials require different approaches, as does the type and materials from which the gate is constructed. A custom wood gate will require a very different approach than wrought iron or stainless steel gates. And even wood gates are often held together by metal components that might require a unique approach to repair for a comprehensive fix.

The features of the gate itself are also in need of repair. Even if the base material is in perfect condition, you might need help fixing your gate operator, intercom, keypads, or timer. Anyone you hire to make these fixes needs to be as well-versed in these add-on features as they are in the welding and repair process.

That’s why our experts start every project by coming to you. When you give us a call, we will check out your residential or commercial location and closely examine the gate in need of repair. We focus on minimizing your turnaround time so you can return to enjoying a perfectly functioning, snug, and secure gate again in no time.

Working With Different Materials

No fencing and gates are created equal. Depending on your property and preferences, you might have very different needs regarding your gate repair.  

Each of them comes with its own nuances:

Of course, these are just a few countless examples of how different materials may affect the gate repair process. Sometimes, you may need to have an expert create new custom metal pieces to repair the gate.

Only work with professionals who expect every one of these jobs to be unique. Instead, you need partners with the necessary experience to know how each material should be treated, repaired, and renewed. 

Experienced Hands

Our calling card is welding experience. We have designed and built every type of gate imaginable at Smith Welding and Fabrication. Just as importantly, we’ve built the fencing around those gates, which helps us understand exactly how the gate needs to fit into the larger property surrounding it.

We can help to repair anything from sidewalk gates to driveway gates, including all sizes and a wide range of materials. Our gates will remain reliable, snug, and flush for years. But even when your gate breaks down, we can help to get it back into top condition. From a driveway gate to an industrial gate repair we are here to help. Let us guide you through the gate installation and gate maintenance process.

But just as importantly, our experience has yet to make us too selective. No gate project is too large or small because we pride ourselves in all of our work. Your gate repair will be well-taken care of, regardless of whether you need help with the gate itself or the functionality that surrounds it.

Mobile Welders

Many fence and gate repair companies may ask you to send in your broken piece or stop by your property to pick it up themselves. That’s because they expect to perform the actual repair in their workshop, where all welding equipment is installed. Especially for large gates and heavy materials like wrought iron, this can become a massive operation with plenty of headaches for the property owner included.

We’ve built our name and reputation through mobile welding services. Instead of taking your gate in need of repair to us, we will bring the repair to your property.

We will schedule our repair appointment at a time that is convenient for you, then stop by at that time with all equipment needed. That includes large welding machines, small tig, stick welders, and a plasma cutter. We’ll bring everything we need to fix the problem right then and there; in most cases, that means a second call will not be necessary, and you can go back to a fully functioning gate in no time. 

You might think that custom metal gates are difficult to repair. In some cases, they are. But working with a mobile weldings operation like Smith Welding and Fabrication means we can simplify the process for you and get your property back to being as secure as possible and looking great in no time.

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Finding a good gate repair near me was always a struggle, but with Smith Welding and Fabrication we’ve got you covered. We are known for our repair service all over Orange County. Whether you need gate maintenance or an emergency service our staff of professionals is ready to assist you. Just contact our customer service and let us know how we can help.

If your property needs gate repair, we’ll work with you to fix the issue quickly and effectively, ensuring a properly functioning gate for years to come. Smith Welding and Fabrication work with homes and businesses across Orange County, CA, and we’ll be happy to travel to you to examine and fix the issue. 

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