Fence Repair
We can come to you and take on any metal work needed.

Fence Repair

Over time, your fence may wear down or get damaged. Hurricane-force winds, for example, can cause a great deal of damage to fences and gates all on their own. If a tree comes crashing down, you may note even more extensive damage.

Fortunately, we can take care of fence repairs and get your fence back to looking its best. Our experienced mobile welders can take care of fence repairs throughout the Orange County area.

Common Fence Materials

Fence materials may come in several forms. Most types of materials will require repair or replacement during their lifetime. In many cases, a quality repair can prevent someone from having to replace the entire fence or fence post. 

We can take care of repairs to all types of metal fences, including:

Wrought Iron
Chain Link

Don't Settle For Less

Get the best in the business to take on the job you need done. 

Experienced Hands

At Smith Welding & Fabrication, you will find experienced hands that know how to handle damage to your fence. Taylor Smith, our founder, has been in the welding business for more than 10 years and has worked in a variety of industries, including fencing and gates, security door fabrication, and even custom fabrication.

We believe that no job is too big or too small. We can take care of minor cosmetic repairs to your fence or help repair a fence after major storm damage: whatever you need, our experienced welders can provide.

Snug, Quiet Gates

Properly functioning gates should fit flush and snugly when the gate is closed. Furthermore, they shouldn't require a great deal of effort to open and shut, and they shouldn't emit loud squeals or other noises. We aim to make sure that your gate is snug and quiet once more when repairs are complete.

Improved Durability

We aim to make sure that our fences are as highly durable as possible. We want our fences to stand the test of time, whether we're fabricating them from scratch or taking care of repairs on an existing fence. Our repairs will stand for as long as the fence.

Legal Standards
Our experienced team knows the legal standards your fences must meet to adhere to local guidelines. We aim to help each of our clients reach their fencing goals while maintaining those important standards.

Mobile Welders

When you need repairs to your fence, you can’t just pull it out of the ground and bring it into the workshop. Unfortunately, many welders only work in their environments, which makes it very difficult for you to get solid repairs to your existing fence. 

At Smith Welding & Fabrication, we offer mobile welding services. We’ll bring our equipment directly to the job site and take care of putting your fence back together right there, saving you both time and money. Our mobile welders are also ideal for taking care of small repairs, whether there is a little cosmetic damage to your fence due to wear and tear over time or you need to take care of a minor hole in your chain link.

Protect Your Security

Many people choose custom fences to help protect their overall security. Our custom fabrications may include security locking gates, remote opening gates, and more. We have the experience necessary to install, repair, and maintain gates and fences throughout your property, including getting your security back in place as soon as possible after the damage.

Improve Property Value

Having a secure fence around your property can go a long way toward increasing its value, whether you're getting ready to sell or just want to know what the property is worth. However, if your fence is in poor repair, it can be hard to get the full value you deserve for the property. Our mobile welders can help get your home back in shape as soon as possible.

Maintain Convenience

Our mobile welders can come to you and take care of repairs. We can easily get anywhere in Orange County, bringing our equipment to your home and taking care of whatever your fence needs. Not only do we aim to make our services as convenient as possible, but we also avoid further damage to your property as we work to help further increase the convenience of your fence repair.

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