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Mobile Welding

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Getting the structure to a welding shop can be challenging when dealing with large metals that need fusing. Even where the shipping logistics are not a challenge, welders at a facility may take longer to complete urgent tasks, which can frustrate you. Mobile welding solves such challenges allowing you to realize results conveniently and quickly.

What is mobile welding?

Mobile welding is the practice of providing welding service remotely, where a professional welder carries their materials and equipment and does the job on site. Mobile welding is especially convenient when carrying out projects such as gate and fence fabrication or repair because it saves you the cost of shipping materials from the work site.

Why Mobile Welding?

Another benefit of using a mobile welding business is that it is tailored to meet your needs. Since the project takes place on location, the welder is responsible for coming up with solutions to the unique solutions that you face. For instance, when conducting fence fabrication, they may recommend split-rail fencing for your rustic property, which is a different fence design from what they would have offered someone in the suburbs.

With mobile welding services, your project is likely to be completed within the shortest time possible as it occurs on-site and location of your choice. The mobile welders concentrate on the project at hand with limited distraction from the projects of other customers. Additionally, the entire undertaking is designed around your schedule and location, allowing you to monitor progress without making long trips to the welding shop to check up on the status of your project.

The equipment used

The type of equipment to use in welding may depend on the type of service needed as well as the type of material. For instance, a welder will take a different approach when dealing with wooden material than what they would do when dealing strictly with metal.

The following are common tools used by mobile welders:

Oxy-fuel or Plasma cutters

Oxy-fuel cutters are used to cut through less thick metal, such as mild steel and low alloys, while plasma cutters are more suitable when cutting through very thick and robust metal. An experienced welder will be best placed to determine the ideal equipment for your type of service.

Different types of Mobile Welding Tools

Mobile welding is typically performed using gas-powered or battery-powered welders. The choice of equipment will largely depend on factors such as the type of material being welded and its thickness. The time requirements and working conditions are also influential factors.

A MIG machine is easy to use for mobile welding and can weld even the thinnest of materials. It is, however, not suitable for rusty or painted material. On the other hand, a TIG machine is more complex to use as it requires one to increase and reduce the temperature at different stages of the welding process. The stick machine is a standard flexible option for indoor and outdoor welding and can be used on both painted and rusty surfaces but is unsuitable for thin metal.

Safety gear

Welding occurs under high temperatures, and the mobile welder should be adequately protected when carrying out the project. Before starting their work, professional welders put on respirator masks to filter fumes and particles resulting from the welding process to ensure that they breathe clean air. It is also not uncommon for them to wear a welding helmet with shaded lenses and visors that protect the eyes from the bright light and sparks that result from welding. They also have welding gloves for insulation when handling hot equipment.


This equipment may come in handy when the welder needs to apply significant pressure when fusing two more pieces of metal onto each other. The C-clamp is commonly used in these scenarios, but the bessey clamps can also be used, especially when wood comes into play.

Other equipment

Other essential tools used in welding include:

  •  Welder/generator with leads
  • Weld gauges
  • Abrasives
  • Hoists
  • Surfactants
  • Power tools
  • Grinder
  • Cable connectors
  • Measuring tape
  • Turntables
  • Speed square

What to consider when Seeking Mobile Welding Services

  • Experienced hands

Fusing metals to achieve the desired outcome requires expert precision. Not every welder may have the experience and capabilities to perform fabrication, repair, or restoration. The following attributes distinguish the best from the rest when looking for a welder.

  • Qualification

While most welders may possess the basics of welding, you may want one that has undergone adequate training from a school approved by the American Welding Society. A certified welder has a grasp of the basics and the skills and competencies needed to deliver on heavy jobs without compromising quality and safety.

Also, a qualified welder should have a license from the state board. This license proves that they passed the various assessments that test their proficiency in matters of welding.

  • Years of practice

Besides mastering the technical aspects, an experienced welder should have worked with various customers and delivered quality work. Positive reviews from past clients indicate that the welder is good at their job.

Looking for a mobile welder?

Finding a mobile welder can be challenging, especially if it is your first time seeking welding services. An excellent way to begin your search would be to ask your neighbors or friends who have had mobile welding done on their property to connect you to a professional.

Engineers and contractors who work in maintenance and construction could also provide you with valuable contacts to experienced welders who can do a good job. When hiring a mobile welder, it is important to be keen and verify their skill and experience in mobile welding. Also, you can ask for their certification, license, and testimonials from previous clients to ascertain their qualifications.

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